Monday, January 19, 2004

but things just get so crazy living life gets hard to do

It's 'round about 2 am and I'm hungry. My Back Yard Burger salad, six pounds of lettuce of which I threw away, has been long time gone. I ate me an orange just now, but what fun is there in that? Oh, well. I better not eat at this hour. I might get fat.

Let's hear it for the three day weekend. It's Sunday night, er Monday morning, and there are no worries. No class tomorrow. I thank ol' Marty Lu K for leaving such a mark on our nation that we need to celebrate him by not having class tomorrow. On the other hand, there have been a few streets named after him that I've only been able to tread down in fear.

What have I done today? Eat. A little homework. Eat. And visit with Ryan. I got to ride in the front seat of the Hemi for the first time in my life as we made the teeny tiny trip to WalMierto. Other interesting things I've done today: I cleaned and "organized" my desk drawer that could also be referred to as an office supply store, hardware store, and ultimately, a general store. Never underestimate the power of the residential college standard issue desk drawer. I also screwed up a tried-and-true Memorex CD-R that I gave Justin my word of good faith on last night. I promised him I'd never had a single problem out of them, and then, today, when I was burning my second copy of the Maroon 5 CD to keep in the room (the other copy being the one I keep in the car), I did a few too many things at one time on the computer and my RealPlayer froze up. Darn the luck. I also got a few forgotten things out of my trunk today. I got my corduroy Jansport bag that I got for Christmas, the wonderful gifts My Amazing Cousin Arenda got me for Christmas (my puppy Rofer, some chocolate aminal crackers, and some neon-neon pink fuzzy socks), the Alex & Emma DVD I got Holly for Christmas that's on our shelf now (still wrapped, but in the alphabetically appropriate place), and our poor, pitiful chalkboard that I didn't repaint as I was supposed to over break.

That's about as fun as my life gets around here. I'm looking forward to tomorrow. A little sleeping in. A little productivity. And maybe a little Scattergorizing. We have been meaning to play that game for three solid days now and still haven't. Sad times. Unbreak my heart. Say you'll love me again.

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