Tuesday, January 06, 2004

warning: man-eating cold temperatures

I got offline a while back for what I thought was the night. I rolled in from Henderson around 10:30 because of the threat of weather. (What weather? It was cold. Oooh. Sheesh.) And Mom was feeling a little empty nest blues, I guess. Realizing that I'm going back in a week. So I cut my internet ties and conversed with the creole. But now she's in bed. I decided it was time to read Dirty Don's play that I agreed to look at and comment on over break, and so that commenced. Also commencing was the act of me gouging my eyeballs out. That's about the biggest piece of crap I've ever read. The nicest comment I could put on it would be this: "Don, this is forty-six pages of great fire kindling." The things I get myself into... So sixteen pages into that disasterpiece (holla, John), I called 'er quits and dialed up on my still amazingly free internet.

Speaking of John, how 'bout a little somethin'-somethin' in Luhl-vuhl on March 12? I must say, I've been on something of a hiatus from Mr. Mayer for a while now. He's still my favorite and all, but you know, sometimes, you just need your space. But things are looking up, and I'm sure we'll be enjoying long car-rides together again soon.

Well, I'm feeling Ashley's pain on this anti-Benton decree that's been sent out throughout all the land. I got the same disdainful huff from my creole when I told her the plans, and Jayray Nayorfayuhl ever-faithfully chimed in with a weather bulletin. But before we know it, we'll be back in Murruh, KY. You know, it seems that maybe this break has gone by fast. Then again, I feel like I haven't been in Murray in ages.

Dale and I are forming a habit. Eat, movie, eat. Remember last time? We did the Rally's, LOTR, Steak N Shake thing. Tonight we ate Shuttlese, rented S.W.A.T., watched about half of Castaway on television, and got some McDonald's on a commercial break. But like I said earlier, I headed out around 10:15. Dad warned me of some man-eating cold temperatures that were reportedly supposed to be lurking the tri-state tonight, and so I came home like a good kid. Why do I do this? I'm twenty freaking years old. But I do, folks. I lead a very precautious life. Hardly any adventure flows through my veins. Risk is something I often shy away from. And to avoid a fight, I'll sighingly submit to a ridiculous curfew. I'm about a pansy.

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