Thursday, January 22, 2004

dream away everyday

Goo, I'm about tired. Going to sleep at about 1:30 am and getting up at 7:00 am doesn't work really well for me. Early bed-times, Ginas. C'mon... ;-)

So last night was Holly's and my vice presidential debut. Rather uneventful. I just love that we couldn't start the RCC meeting until American Idol was over 'cause we were watching it on the TV there in the lobby of Franklin, and the meeting had to be over before Newlyweds came on. The pitiful life a college student. But it sure is a lot of fun, eh?

Tonight... What's on the line-up for tonight? Oh, yes, a little South Pacific. We're all going so Justin and Val can get extra credit for their theatre class. That ought to be a good time. I love theatre, but it'll be interesting to see the whole group of us trying to sit through a broadway play.

This week has flown by just as quickly as last week. But then again, this is just Thursday morning, and I think it's Friday. That might have something to do with it. The coming of Friday sounds pretty good. Too bad this weekend won't be a three-dayer like last weekend, but there is plenty of fun to be had. Friday night, I think we're going to go "support" the Dishwashers, right? At some point during the weekend, I think Dale is going come visit. Good times.

Well, I guess I need to dry my hair. Then I might go back to bed. Sheesh.

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