Friday, January 23, 2004

something is wrong with the sum of us

You'll look at the time-stamp on this post and say, "Cass, aren't you supposed to be in bed?" And matter-of-factly I say, "Why, yes. But what does it matter when I'm not all that tired and still have a few thousand more CDs to burn for Ash and Les?"

Life around here will really keep you on your toes, keep you thinking on your feet. And man, we really need to change John's water. Sorry, I just caught him out of the corner of my eye with barely enough water to not be sticking his head out of the water's surface and burying himself in the rocks. But he seems to like doing both of those things, so I think I'll take my cappuccino mug and dip some of his water out. Anyway, yeah, it's an interesting time around here. And that's saying the absolute least.

This weekend is about going to be crazy sexy cool. Okay, maybe just crazy. There's a lot going on. Or maybe not. Dale isn't coming down, I don't think. Sad times, but I'll see him next weekend when I'm home. My cousin Daphne is probably coming down on Saturday to go to Campus Lights, and she wants me to maybe eat supper with them. Dang, they're gonna want to eat at Pagliai's, and I really don't think I like that place. Oh, well, it'll be some good familyesque time. And I have to remember to call somebody about the tickets for her. If they charge for children, she won't be coming, but if they don't, she'll be dragging her three-year-old quadruplets down for the trip. *shudders* Anyway, I can't forget to find that out and call her tomorrow...

So The Very Best of Sheryl Crow is almost done burning, and that will make my stack of CDs I burned for them complete. Straight up CD burning whore, right here. But I guess we all have to whore ourselves out some way. Everyone has their own way. Like Holly used to be the official Springer 3E car whore. And some people just wear fishnets.

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