Thursday, January 15, 2004

like a school kid waiting for the spring

Good morning. Boy, is this weird. I've been up for almost two hours already. It's all part of this Nazi regime we got going on around here, but I like it. I like getting up early and not having to rush. And I can get things done in the morning before class. And when I get to class, I'm not still asleep. The sad effects of old age...

And with age comes responsibility. I have lots of things I'm going to keep myself occupied with. That whole responsibility bit was about the fact that last night, Holly and I decided that we wanted a huge project to do. Yeah, we're Springer Franklin RCC co-vice presidents, reppin' Springer. It should be a good time. Remind us of that when we're all but suicidal when we're working on this 20 page skit we have to write. Anyway, I'm thinking of trying to get a job at the library if they ever decide to hire again. And I'm planning on joining the organizations I had planned on joining last year but never did. English Student Organization (I have two words: Fake Edminster.) and Foreign Language Club, at least. So I'm going to be pretty busy all the time. Even if I'm not being Captain Extracurricular, I'm going to be reading like a motha'. Thank you, Hovie. I love you.

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