Tuesday, January 27, 2004

look for the girl in the concrete shoes

in my ears
songs about jane
artist: Maroon 5
song: Sunday Morning

I think I'm addicted to cappuccino. To those of you who witness my ritual of wash-yesterday's-cappuccino-residue-out-of-my-mug-heat-water-for-90-seconds-and-stir-in-one-more-teaspoon-of-Hills-Bros.-English-toffee-mix-than-is-recommended every day, this probably comes as no surprise. But when it occurred to me today that I hadn't indulged in this beverage for two days, I found the culprit for my killer headache. Before I figured all this out, I thought I'd sleep my pain away. I issue this warning to those of you who try to do the same: When you are trying to find that comfortable spot to nap in, don't roll over and violently whack your forehead against the wall. It makes the headache worse. You're better off drowning your sorrows in a mug of caffeine.

Today has been quite the day of procrastination. I should be studying Spanish, reading seventy pages of Pride and Prejudice and two Emerson essays. But no. When I wasn't knocked out on the bed or prowling the streets of Murray, I've been honing my web-mastery skills that I keep referring to a-freaking-mazing. I'll again ask you to notice the new-and-improved "currently listening to" rip-off that Holly and I are now sporting. I do take pride in my work. And I've done a little behind the scenes kinda website tinkering for my own benefit. And you're none the wiser... ;-)

Speaking of the music I'm listening to. That's right, you'll see that for the last two entries that we've got a little Maroon 5 going on in here. We do listen to the same music over and over, but hey, it's good stuff.

Well, it's possibly time for me to go switch my laundry from the washer to the dryer. I really didn't think I had a snowball's chance in hell of getting my laundry done tonight, but my malicious B/F/F/ tipped me off. I slid into that laundry room like Zack Morris, and I will indeed have clean clothes by the break of day. After all, I'm no EZ Cheeze.

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