Saturday, January 17, 2004

the perks of college

This is something of a Top 5 that my dear friend Holly does every now and then. I didn't really mean to put it in that format, but when I decided I needed to blog, I realized all these things were on my mind so I began listing them. Then I realized that there is a clear-cut hierarchy of these things. And so it goes:

5. Joy in small things. Free movies at Cinema International. Los and Shuttle. Winslow waffles. The Mecca known as WalMart. The Police Beat. Finding a good parking spot. Taking the "long way" around the dorm circle because you can.

4. Being able to jack all kinds of music from people. Who needs Kazaa when you've got a campus full of people who can hook you up? So far, I'm looking at having some Coldplay, Dido, Jack Johnson, Maroon 5, Jason Mraz, and whatever else I can find to thieve. I promise, if you want some of my music, you're welcome to it.

3. The smallness of Murray. I guess having been here for a fourth semester now helps, but there's nothing like sitting in Winslow or walking across campus and being able to make at least some sort of a loose association to everyone you see. We have a spreadsheet file of nicknames for folks on campus that we don't even know that can testify to the magnitude of this.

2. The constant slumber party. I love not having to walk but a few feet to see some of my closest friends. And that's when they aren't already camped out on your futon. Getting dressed and snazzied up only happens on rare occasion--because we don't have to. We don't have to do something to have fun. Hanging out and talking is enough to make you laugh 'til your side aches and tears are streaming down your face.

1. Biding time. College is a unique suspension of time. Or maybe it slows it. Or maybe it's a catalyst for its passing. But I do know that it does something to the clock that allows our inner-children to continue to grow for just a little bit longer while at the same time cultivating the adults that we've become when we weren't looking.

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